First Episode Done for our First Project!

Hey everyone,

it took a few day, but its finally here, our very first chapter of our project has been released today. Our team is a bit new still so if you see any errors please let us know ^.^ so we can improve.

You can read chapter 7 here : I Really Don’t Want to Be Reborn

So based on our speed in transalating it takes about 1-2 day to clean the manhua/ and about a day or two for raylong to finish translating. I think we can be able to dish out two chapters a week or who knows maybe even more.

jhung: I know now why the previous translators kinda just stopped translating. Get the raws was mostlikely the issue, Fortunatley we are planning on just buying the raws. If anyone wants to help check on getting the raws that would be great too ^.^


Well we hope you enjoy the chapter, any feed back would be great!


Neat Scans Team

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